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Book Review: Agent of Equilibrium by N.J. Mercer

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Agent of Equilibrium by N.J. Mercer book cover

AD* | The gift had always been with him. But only now was he beginning to understand it. Sent by his mysterious benefactors to investigate a series of powerful psychic disruptions, Johnny crosses paths with the deadly Disciples of Disorder and suddenly more than just his life is at stake. It’s the very nature of Earth. Travelling north and confronting beings whose existence he couldn’t even have imagined, he discovers the Equilibrium that preserves all life in its current state and learns of the terrifying forces that seek to overturn it. 

This journey will expose Johnny and his loyal companions to the fantastic, the sublime and the depraved. It will ultimately reveal to him the hidden conflict that defines reality itself. Agent of Equilibrium is a work of epic urban fantasy, combining elements of science fiction, horror and the occult. It will take you on a white-knuckle ride through darkness and hope. It might even alter your perception of the world you think you know.

Agent of Equilibrium has me in a bit of a conundrum – there were some parts of the book that I enjoyed, whereas others were really not my cup of tea. I find that books like this are really hard to review for that exact reason, but here goes, I’ll try my best!

Starting on a positive note, one of my favourite parts about the book was the setting and attention to detail when it came to the location and specifics. I find that it's always a pleasure to read fiction that's set in a place you recognise or have been before, so reading about Johnny and his friends' adventure through the Scottish Highlands was a delight.

I also liked the premise of the book and I felt that the plot, in its simplest form, had a lot of potential. Drawing in elements from a whole host of different genres, including horror, fantasy, supernatural and action/adventure, to name just a few, the book seemed to be shaping up well.

However, for some reason, I just couldn't seem to connect properly with the book. Horror has always been one of my least favourite genres to read and is one I usually try to steer clear of, but I don't even think that was my primary issue with Agent of Equilibrium. I felt the beginning was rushed, the ending was too drawn out, and the writing was a little clumsy and clunky at times (it would definitely benefit from another few edits). All in all, unfortunately, I just didn't "click" with the book.

Sadly, Agent of Equilibrium was not a hit with me. Perhaps you will enjoy it more than I did?

Rating: 2 stars

Agent of Equilibrium is available to buy now.

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