Thursday 17 January 2019

5 Dream Home Improvements

Last Updated: 21 April 2021

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AD* | We all have a vision of how our dream home would look, from spectacular swimming pools to state-of-the-art kitchens with all the must-have gadgets! Although the chances are that your real home may not be the exact replica of your dream home, it can still be fun to daydream about the improvements you’d make to your property if you could. If only you won the lottery, right?

Since buying and moving into our home last year, we’ve made a ton of changes, but there is always something else needing to be done. While most of these dreams are highly unlikely to come to fruition any time soon, it never hurts to have goals! Here are five of my dream home improvements I would love to make to the house.


The perfect place to relax and curl up with a good book, conservatories always make wonderful additions to properties in my opinion. I can just picture it now – a light and airy space with large, open windows, doors leading out into the garden, and plenty of cosy furniture to complete the room. What could be better?

Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are smart, sleek and stylish, offering a brilliant way to store all your clothes, accessories and hoarded clutter while ensuring your bedroom remains clean and tidy. With the multitude of storage options they open up, built-in wardrobes sound like heaven for someone like me who loves to organise things!


While this would technically fall under the umbrella of garden improvements rather than home improvements, the garden is still an integral part of the property as a whole. Adding a neat little patio at the top of the garden would open the door to a wealth of opportunities for garden living – from patio furniture to a BBQ to cute planters, I feel that a patio would be the ideal way to encourage a better use of our outdoor space.

Walk-in Shower

There’s nothing better than a hot, relaxing shower, and a luxurious walk-in shower would be the ultimate home comfort. Picture an ultra-modern, minimalist bathroom with a smart walk-in shower dominating the room – that’s how I envision the dream bathroom!

Spiral Staircase

In fairness, this one is probably the least realistic of all my choices in this list, but there’s something endearingly appealing about a spiral staircase. Granted, it may exactly be the most practical staircase design out there, but it would bring a classic twist to your home with a design reminiscent of fairytale castles and long-gone days of old. Combine with a chic metal finish, however, and this classic design is instantly brought bang up to date, proving that a spiral staircase is actually the ultimate addition to your home. Who would have thought it!

Okay, so these might not exactly be the reality (yet) but a girl can always dream, right?

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What are your dream home improvements? Let me know in the comments below!

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