Friday 7 December 2018

Welcome to Our Home: Bedroom

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Bedrooms should be peaceful, welcoming places where you can easily relax and unwind. Although our bedroom is quite small, it's still super important to get the right atmosphere in this room - probably more so than anywhere else in the house.

In the fourth instalment of my feature introducing you to our home, I'm letting you take a sneak peek inside our bedroom to see how we've got it decorated!

Did you see how we made our living room our own? If not, you can check that out here.

The first issue we encountered with the bedroom was one of logistics. The master bedroom is quite small, and once you put a double bed in, there's not much room for anything else! Luckily, we were able to relegate the wardrobes to the spare bedroom, which allowed us to keep the bedroom less cluttered.

As was the case with many of the other rooms we decorated, the standard-issue beige carpet stayed while we swiftly painted over the plain white walls. For the bedroom walls, I chose a mid-blue, with a dark purple as a feature wall behind the head of the bed. Blue and purple is a risky colour combination but I think it works with these two specific shades - in fact, I was originally going to choose a darker blue for the statement wall but fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with this shade of rich, deep purple when we were browsing in the DIY store.

By another happy stroke of luck, we found a lampshade and desk lamp in the pile of stuff that the previous tenants left which perfectly matched the shade of purple I'd chosen, so they quickly got dusted off and installed in the bedroom. We did some scouring and found satin curtains in the same gorgeous purple shade at Dunelm, so snapped them up and got them up in the window.

We had a rather old and rickety pine dresser donated to us, so decided to keep the theme going with a wooden bed frame in a pine finish. It's quite a simple look, but this is the only room in the house where the bulk of the furniture matches (with the exception of the two bedside tables) so I'm grateful for that at least!

I adore the gorgeous pillowcases we picked up from The Old English Company and the checked blue and white bedding was an absolute steal from Primark. The cushions on the bed may not match, but they're all ones I've collected over the years and I think it's nice to have a more personal feel in our bedroom. Last but not least, the gorgeous trio of framed prints above the bed were the ones I brought over from my old bedroom. They're actually cards, but I loved the prints so much that I decided to frame them.

I am super happy with the way that our bedroom has turned out, and I can't wait to keep adding to the look over the years!

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