Friday 9 March 2018

What Spring Means to Me


I can't believe it's been over three months since I wrote about what winter means to me. The last few months have flown by in an absolute blur - I've been so busy, I've forgotten to notice the passing of time.

Although recent snow and ice are still fresh in our minds, spring is slowly on its way. Flowers are beginning to bud, more and more animals are getting out and about in the countryside and, ever so slowly, temperatures are on the rise.

Since I enjoyed writing about winter so much, I decided to make my love for the seasons into a four-part series here on The Writing Greyhound. Winter may finally be on its way out, but spring is only just starting to begin. What does springtime mean to me? Here are just a few thoughts, memories and observations.

Spring means early blooming flowers, buds just beginning to show and fresh growth peeking through the cold, barren ground ready to start a brand new year. Spring means rebirth and awakening; all through the natural world, hibernation ends and another long winter passes. Newly-born lambs gambling in the fields, wobbling on unsteady legs and calling to their mothers for support and reassurance.


Spring means wildlife beginning to show its head once again, with squirrels darting across the lawn and birds of all shapes and sizes pecking at the feeder and collecting twigs and moss to build their nests. Spring means tiny baby birds nesting in the small fir tree in the garden, hoping against all hope for survival and facing the harsh realities of life and death first-hand - the juxtaposition of home comforts and stark survival.

Spring means Mother's Day and giving gifts, sibling arguments and attempts at cooking dinner. Spring means days out and trips in the car, cold wind blowing in your face and hands stuffed in pockets to keep warm. Spring means family walks and trips to the farm park, following trails and learning about nature.

Spring means stress and exams, the need to study yet the lure of a sunny spring day. Spring means decisions and tough choices, symbolic endings and new beginnings. Spring means loss and heartbreak, the love of family members and walking in circles, sunsets fiery over water and the hope of better things to come. Spring means meeting new people and trying new things, discovering yourself and moulding into someone new. Spring means taking the leap and pushing back fears, a time for change and an opportunity for progress. Spring means out with the old and in with the new.

Spring officially begins on March 1st, and since we're now a good way into the month, it makes sense that spring will surely be here soon. Before you know it, the season will be in full bloom and thoughts of winter long gone. But then we will be onto the next season - summer.

Intrigued about what summer means to me? Interested in keeping up with the series? Keep checking back to discover the next instalment later in the year!

Which season is your favourite? What's your favourite thing about spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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