Wednesday 9 November 2016

Poetry Block: The Golden Despair by Shubhi Raghav

Welcome to the first-ever edition of my brand new blog feature, Poetry Block! 

The aim of Poetry Block is to banish the preconceived ideas a lot of people have about poetry and to introduce a fresh wave of exciting and innovative poets, and their work, to you, my lovely readers.

Kicking us off is 16-year-old poet Shubhi Raghav, sharing one of the poems from her debut anthology, The Golden Despair.


Not the four cemented walls
but a heaven, my hall

i lay limp again on here
body breathing useless air
the rain and tears, synchronized
a broken heart trying to fix itself
a million pieces shattered there
giving up on the masterpiece

whimpering and looking
for that light to heal the sores
breathing heavy
as if i have lived my years
and now it's time to take the blade
and throw the paradox into hell

countless nights spent alone
burning wishes hoped no more
creaky silence still remains
the crooked eye from timeless pain
disappear into dust
for only then can there be end to lust
and hopefully I find my home
and spend no more worries alone.

About Shubhi Raghav

The Golden Despair by Shubhi Raghav book cover

Currently, quite young and new to the world, Shubhi Raghav voices her opinion through poetry. It has been a way for her to clear her mind and maintain a positive outlook towards everything. These poems highlight parts of her life when she discovered intriguing feelings and emotions that affected her in such a way that she couldn’t simply ignore them. It was the freedom of expression in poetry that inspired her to write these poems. She says, “Many believe that a picture can tell you what words never will, but I believe that words can paint the pictures that one cannot draw."

The Golden Despair is available to buy now (paid link; commission earned).

Are you a poet who would like to be featured in the next edition of Poetry Block? Get in touch via social media or the contact form in the sidebar to the right of the page. 

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