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Book Review: Traces Of Me by Tracy Kiss

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Traces of Me by Tracy Kiss book cover

AD* | As April approaches her thirtieth birthday she finally meets the love of her life but it comes at a cost. Traces Of Me is an artisanal and honest open-hearted tongue-in-cheek account of finding true love in a world now overruled by beauty, social media and selfies.

From ugly duckling to elegant swan, infused with orgasms, arguments and endearment, this is a journey to captivate and consume men and women alike. Stir your soul and hold on tight for a modern day Bridget Jones meets Fifty Shades rendition that is not for the faint-hearted.

A tale to both bless and haunt you forever.

Romance. Relationships. True love.

That's what I expected this book to be about. Everything from the description to the title to the cover lead me into thinking this, so when I started the book and found this wasn't the case, I was slightly confused.

Don't get me wrong - Traces Of Me is still a romance book, and love and sex are some of its main features. But to me, it was much more a journey of self-discovery than anything else.

Maybe not so shy after all

April, the main character, is a 'shy' newly 30-year-old woman still looking for true love (I say 'shy' for reasons that I will talk about later on). She meets a man. Shaun is a sweet guy - what he lacks in looks he more than makes up for in personality. They get together; everything's fine.

Up until that point, I had no issues with this book. I was enjoying reading about April and Shaun's story (We'll gloss over the part where I was reading it on the train and a middle-aged businessman happened to look over and nose at what I was reading, just as I got to a sex scene). But then things started going downhill for me.

April randomly decides she doesn't like her appearance, so she sets about changing pretty much everything about herself. She cuts her hair, starts wearing make-up and revealing clothes, and begins behaving differently.

What happened to personality over looks?

What I don't understand is that she was perfectly happy with herself before she got together with Shaun, but as soon as she was in a happy, loving relationship she suddenly wants to change everything about the way she looks. That just doesn't make sense to me. Surely it would be the other way round - she would be content with her appearance with Shaun because he would be teaching her to love herself as she is. But apparently not, and things just got worse from there.


Then April decided she wanted a boob job. That was the last straw for Shaun, who left her. April then becomes very out of character, partying and drinking and basically becoming everything a 'shy' person isn't. Then she (literally) bumps into another guy in a club. Jay is the exact opposite of safe and reliable Shaun.


And what does April do? She decides to stick with Jay - the man who would never have looked twice at her when she was herself. She says that she's found her true self.... eugh.

This book has good potential, and I appreciate the message the author is trying to give out. It's just a shame that the ending completely spoiled the entire point of the message for me.

Rating: 2 stars

Traces Of Me is available to buy now.

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 

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