Thursday 4 June 2015

Unboxing and Review: Goodies from

AD* | My dog Max and I were recently lucky enough to have the chance to review some goodies from the lovely people at! are an online pet food company. They supply pet owners with food, treats, beds, toys... basically everything a pet could need. And although I’m reviewing dog food, they also provide items for cats, small pets, birds, and fish.

They also provide a unique feature called the Bottomless Bowl service. Essentially, you set it up at checkout and they redeliver your order at a frequency that suits both you and your pet, from as often as every two weeks right up to every twelve weeks. This is a really great idea because it makes sure you always have the food your pet needs all the time without the hassle – it eliminates the annoyance of running out of pet food and having to lug a heavy bag all the way home from the supermarket. (Can you tell I like this idea, by any chance?)

Anyway, on with the unboxing! box

The parcel arrived promptly and, as you can see, was very well packaged for safe transit. I particularly liked that it was addressed to both me and Max – a funny little personal touch. packaging

So, here are the products that we received. (Excuse the blurry photos, Max was impatient to get his paws on the treats!) products

Firstly – Huntland Grain Free dog food.

Max is used to dry food (he normally has Bakers Complete) but it was nice for him to get to try a different brand to normal. At first, I wasn’t sure if he’d like the flavour (British grazing lamb with peas and mint leaves), but he soon proved me wrong. He was a little hesitant at first, but after the initial few bites, he really seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he definitely seemed to be a lot happier to eat this than he’s been to eat any food for a long while!

Next was Naturediet dog food.

This one I was a little wary of. Max used to have wet food a lot when he was younger, and it sometimes repeated on him. Plus it was so strong that it used to make the whole house smell of dog food, which is partly why we eventually switched him to dry food. But anyway, the Naturediet food apparently agreed with his system and caused no problems. The flavour we were given was rabbit and turkey with vegetables and rice, and Max certainly liked this one. I think he hoped he was going to start getting wet food again though, because he seemed a little crestfallen when it was back to dry food the following day.

Max the dog eating Dentastix

Lastly, a pack of Dentastix treats.

Dentastix were the only one of the three that Max had tried before. Dentastix are great – they’re tasty chews that last longer than a regular treat but aren’t too chewy like rawhide. They also help to reduce tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth, so they’re practical as well. And as you can see from the photo, Max is a big fan of Dentastix!

If you have a furry friend (or a feathery friend, or an aquatic friend) I can’t recommend enough. A wide range of products, prompt delivery, great customer service, that genuinely personal touch… the list goes on, but I’m sure you get my point. definitely gets Max’s seal of approval!

Max the dog

* Products received in exchange for an honest review

Have you used before? Let me know in the comments below!

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