Thursday 23 April 2015

Gig Review: McBusted at Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

McBusted at Capital FM Arena Nottingham

Last Saturday, 18th April, pop supergroup McBusted played the first of two consecutive shows at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena as part of their MEAT (Most Excellent Adventure) Tour. Following on from the unprecedented success of their 2014 self-titled tour, the boys are definitely on to a winner.

McBusted is comprised of all four of McFly’s band members (Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd) as well as two out of three of Busted’s original line-up (James Bourne and Matt Willis). And as you’d expect with six guys on stage, the sheer energy and enthusiasm they exuded was incredible. This made it a really involved, active show which, in turn, really helped to get the crowd going (not that they weren’t already!) From young to old, everyone in the audience was dancing and singing along and just having a great time throughout.

The band played a good mix of songs, seamlessly alternating between classic Busted hits like ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ and their 2002 debut single ‘What I Go To School For’, as well as highlights from McFly’s back catalogue including ‘One For The Radio’ and ‘Obviously’. They also performed the majority of the stand-out tracks from their recent self-titled album (released December last year) such as ‘Get Over It’ and ‘What Happened To Your Band?’ 

With such an extensive combined pool of songs to choose from, it isn’t surprising that all the chosen songs seemed to be popular with the audience. Each new song was instantly met with the screams and cheers of approval that only come from having a dedicated, loyal fanbase. And McBusted fans are exactly that. Most of the fans in Nottingham on Saturday night had grown up with their music. It’s rare for a pop band to keep the same fans for over 10 years, but these boys have managed to do just that. And as the crowd belted out the lyrics to ‘Star Girl,’ one line in particular always stands out – “Galaxy defenders stay forever.” We do indeed.

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