Sunday 23 November 2014

After Us: Apocalypse Anthology

With only a week till release day, it’s about time to tell you about my latest project.

When the world ends, what comes AFTER US?
Featuring stories from Edd Hodsdon, Melissa Holden, Lorna Holland, and Mark Looker, AFTER US explores the effects of an apocalypse on the survivors.
AFTER the apocalypse the laws and rules of the old world bind US no more, and mankind’s true, savage nature takes over.
AFTER the apocalypse, none of US will ever be the same again...

After Us Apocalypse Anthology book cover

After Us is an anthology comprised of 8 short stories written by me, Edd Hodsdon, Mark Looker, and Melissa Holden. All the stories are based around the theme of the apocalypse, but there’s a bit of everything in there - from action to romance to sci-fi.

After Us includes:
Behind Bars – Edd Hodsdon
Cure in Age – Melissa Holden
Keep Your Friends Close – Lorna Holland
Left to Die – Melissa Holden
Lonely in a Crowd – Edd Hodsdon
Strangers on the Road – Mark Looker
Silent Screams – Lorna Holland
Sally Lin – Mark Looker

After Us is available on Amazon Kindle now*.

* Paid link; commissions earned

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