Friday 10 December 2021

Book Review: Farringdon's Fate by Linda Finlay

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AD* | One noble family. Five eligible daughters. A sealed fate.

Nettlecombe Manor, nestled in the rolling hills of Devon, is home to the Lord Farringdon and his second wife, Lady Charlotte. As if running the vast estate wasn’t enough, Lord Farringdon has five daughters to keep him busy. Lady Charlotte is determined that the betrothal of the eldest, Louisa, should be celebrated with a ball which is the envy of Devon society and summons a corsetière from Exeter to measure them up for new corsets.

Apprentice Jane Haydon arrives at Nettlecombe to do the fittings. Having never set foot in such a grand home, Jane is disturbed to hear tell of a gypsy’s curse which has haunted the family for generations, and a local wise woman’s vision that there will never be a wedding at Nettlecombe...

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Packed with the unexpected twists and turns of fate, this is a gripping story of multiple lives on one lavish country estate. 

The book features multiple narratives, blended together to create a rich picture of life at Farringdon. From Lord Farringdon and his wife, Charlotte, to their daughters and the workers on the estate, there are glimpses into each aspect of Farringdon. The story also closely follows Miss Jane Haydon, assistant corsetiere to the prestigious Madame Rosetta, and how her life intersects with those at Farringdon. 

The result is a vivid tapestry of life, both above and below-stairs. The plot covers struggles and hardships, yet also hope, charity, and kindness. It's like two sides of a coin - and it's all too easy to imagine how hard life must have been for the poorest, most vulnerable members of communities at that time in history.

As the title suggests, fate is a strong theme recurring throughout the book. Strange omens and talk of the infamous Farringdon curse are intriguing and help to add an extra dimension to the storyline. There's something unexpected around every corner! 

Although not overly descriptive, the settings and sense of place are highly evocative. This novel is deeply rooted in its rural location and this adds colour and sparkle to the story. It's delightfully written and sure to leave you dreaming of the picturesque English countryside.

Spend an evening at Farringdon this winter and delve into the lives of these wonderful characters!

Rating: 4 stars 

Farringdon's Fate is available to buy now.

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