Saturday, 23 May 2015

25 Things You Should Thank Your Girlfriend For

Image credit: Sootzy (Deviantart)
I recently read an article titled ‘25 things you should thank your boyfriend for.’ Of course, then my boyfriend challenged me to think of 25 things he should thank me for. So naturally I decided to make them into a blog post and do a companion article. So here are my 25 things you should thank your girlfriend for!
  1. Attempting to join in a conversation about something she knows literally nothing about.
  2. Agreeing to watch football games with you even though you’ll be so engrossed in the game you end up ignoring her anyway.
  3. Not complaining when you kick her in your sleep.
  4. Or when you lay on her hair and nearly rip it out.
  5. Giving you massages when you’re sore after a workout.
  6. Picking all the little bits of fluff off your shirt.
  7. Laughing at your jokes (even when they’re terrible).
  8. Agreeing to get lunch at that one place you really love for the third time in a week.
  9. Enduring the long conversations between you and your friends about things that happened way before she knew you.
  10. Putting up with you laughing at really immature things.
  11. Even when you find them hilarious (they’re really not).
  12. Fitting herself in around your football schedule.
  13. Not retaliating when you complain about the TV show she’s watching.
  14. Or the film she wants to see.
  15. Or her taste in music.
  16. Helping you out with everything she can.
  17. Not complaining about your weird habits.
  18. Still making the effort to dress up and look nice when you go out together.
  19. Always being 100% committed to you.
  20. Looking after you when you’re ill.
  21. Even when it’s just man flu.
  22. Giving you space when you’re busy.
  23. Spending ages thinking up the perfect gifts for you.
  24. Always believing in you no matter what.
  25. And for supporting you through everything.
Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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