Friday, 29 May 2015

Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

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It’s been three years since Pitch Perfect was released, but now the Bellas are back for another fun-filled pitch-slapping adventure.

The series was heavily influenced by hit US TV show Glee and loosely adapted from Mickey Rapkin’s book of the same name. Both films follow a group of college girls from the fictional Barden University, the Barden Bellas, on their journey to become a capella champions.

Pitch Perfect 2 jumps forward in time, taking place three years after the Bellas won the American a capella crown. Because of this, the group are now all entering their final year of college and facing the end of their time as Barden Bellas. However, according to the opening scene, it doesn’t look like much has changed over the last three years as the girls are still on top of the competition. But during a performance for US president Barack Obama, disaster strikes. Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) suffers a wardrobe malfunction that leads to humiliation and disgrace for the whole team, resulting in the Bellas being suspended from future championships. However, obsessive leader Chloe (Brittany Snow) realises that competition rules mean the girls are still eligible to compete in the prestigious quadrennial World Championships. The film follows the Bellas journey to try to win the championships and therefore re-establish their reputation.

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