Monday 11 June 2018

Chocolate Puns in the Post with Morse Toad

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AD* | Chocolate, puns and gifts - it's a winning combination guaranteed to put a smile on that special someone's face!

Whether it's a friend, family member, colleague or loved one, sometimes we all need to express that all-important sentiment in an extra special way. Luckily, that's where Morse Toad come in.

Morse Toad offers a wide range of quirky, unique gifts that are the perfect size to fit through your letterbox - ideal for any occasion where a few words just aren't enough. From birthdays and anniversaries to good luck messages, new home or new baby congratulations, there are endless opportunities to show the people in your life how much you care.

I was recently offered the opportunity to try out Morse Toad's latest product - chocolate puns in the post!

Exciting and completely different from anything I'd tried before, I was intrigued to give it a go and see what would arrive on my doormat!

Although there are currently five different puns available for you to choose from, the company have said that they will soon be releasing more to allow customers a greater selection. Despite this, it's clear that the combination of comedy and chocolate is a winning formula. After all, what better way to cheer someone up or put a smile on their face than with humorous toad puns?

morse-toad, chocolate-puns-post, the-writing-greyhound

As my partner was just about to head into another week of exams, I decided I would take advantage of the opportunity and create a fun little gift to surprise him with after the last exam. He's always coming out with puns of his own so really, this was bound to be a hit!

Browsing the available designs on offer, I eventually settled for a fun design bearing the message, "You Nailed It." Short, simple and to the point, yet still funny and endearing.

During the design process, there is also the option to add your own photo and message to be delivered alongside the chocolate slab. Costing an additional £1.25, I think this is a great way to add another level of personalisation to the gift to really make it extra special. I took advantage of this feature and decided to include one of my favourite photos of us together, taken on our Welsh holiday last summer. After the inclusion of a personal message, my order was complete and ready to hit the post!

All of Morse Toad's chocolate pun gifts are post-friendly and will fit through your letterbox - ideal for busy people who are often out and about. Similarly, this also makes them perfect gifts for sending directly to your loved one - the packaging is lovely (ours came in gorgeous shiny gold packaging) and it will certainly be a nice surprise!

I proudly presented my other half with his very own chocolate pun to enjoy the evening after his final exam of the week, and it's pretty safe to say that it was a surefire success. He liked the idea, enjoyed the chocolate and was particularly taken with the cute little card that the photo and message were printed on - smiles all around!

The whole process was a dream from start to finish. In fact, my only slight gripe is that the packaging seems as though you should open it upside-down. Don't make the same mistake we did - the writing should be on the bottom of the box!

With such a wide range of gifts on offer, I'm definitely going to use Morse Toad again!

Chocolate puns in the post from Morse Toad cost £6.95 including free shipping. Personalisation is an additional cost of £1.25. 

* I received a chocolate pun in exchange for an honest review

Would you consider ordering a chocolate pun in the post? Let me know in the comments below!

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