Saturday, 7 January 2017

Guest Post: Quick Stories of Substance, for when Life has you on Standby by Rico Lamoureux

We’ve all heard the staggering statistics of how we spend years of our life waiting in lines. From stores to airports, amusement parks to ATMs, you can’t really go anywhere nowadays without having to play the hurry-up-and-wait game.

We do, however, have something to keep us busy during these required times of patience. Pocket-sized devices that allow us access to just about every topic under the sun. And, if you think about it, we’re really at a great time with such mobile entertainment. In the past, one would have to lug around a book if they wanted to broaden their horizons while passing time. And as far as the future - well, the way things are headed - screens will soon be in the lenses of our eyes, with scrolling and clicking becoming a lot more virtual yet physical. Can you imagine what we’re all going to look like in just a few years time? Everyone waving their hands about as if they were orchestra conductors? I mean, sure, eventually advancements will take it even further, to where we’ll be using thought to navigate, but not before some seriously embarrassing mime activity!

So yeah, we’re at a pretty good time right now, but just because there’s a sea of content at our fingertips doesn’t mean it’s easy to find great reading material. In fact, it can be rather difficult to come across something with substance, more times than not spending that waiting time scrolling through fluff and not really getting anywhere.

I saw this lack of great content as an opportunity to do something special. Being known for my dramatic novellas, this is where my concentration lay for several years, choosing not to be one of those authors who just blogs about what they’re peddling at any given time. I mean, yes, I was sure to let the world know via social media when I had a new release, but personally speaking I didn’t want to be one of the countless who clogs the internet with nothing but self-promotion. It was for this reason I hadn’t kept a regular blog going, believing there were already far too many doing that job.

But a few months back, an idea occurred to me. The thought of how everyone has to deal with the waiting game, and nowadays, in most cases, this means scrolling through endless rubbish to pass time. Suggest a book to someone, the most common reply would be, “Oh, I just don’t have time.” And yet they have time to wait!

In reality, what they don’t have time for are long reads. Human beings have always been drawn to storytelling, it’s part of who we are. But traditionally speaking, this involves setting aside time in order to enjoy. But what if great stories could be read and finished in the amount of time it took to get through a line or two?

Naysayers will argue that these types of stories are too quick, not being long enough to really resonate with the reader, and in most cases I would agree. But it really all comes down to the skill and craft of the storyteller, and folks, as a person who has dedicated their life to this particular niche, as well as a grand lover of story myself, I can honestly say that the blog of short stories of substance I’ve recently started is indeed a place where someone can come to get a great read in a short period of time.

Like my novellas, these tales do not all centre around one genre, but instead simply focus on the universal love of a great story. And who are they written for? Anyone who considers themselves an open-minded human being, for when we ponder we realise, and when we realise, we have an enlightening moment.

This, my friends, is what The Flash Fiction Ponder is all about.

About Rico Lamoureux

Author Rico Lamoureux has written over a dozen novellas and numerous short stories. His autobiography, Power of the Pen, is available now.

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