Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wish list: Powder scarves

So I was recently browsing the web when I came across Powder. If you haven't heard of them before, Powder are a company specialising in women's accessories like scarves and gloves. They were founded in the UK in 2009 and have since gone from strength to strength, even launching in the US in 2012.

I've had a look at some of Powder's lighter spring scarves, and to show you some of my favourites I've decided to do a wish list post. (Note: I'm not getting paid for this post!)

1. Colour Riot Print - £18

Image copyright: Powder
I've started with my favourite of Powder's spring scarves collection. The pastels version of the Colour Riot Print is my favourite mainly because of the colours. They're less in-your-face than the brights version, and they blend well together. I also like the pattern - it's noticeable but not attention-seeking.

2. Tabitha - £22

Image copyright: Powder
This one is the lightest of the light, made from layered sheer organza and perfect for summer. I like the way the material looks when it's draped, with the light shining and reflecting off different layers and making it look much more multi-faceted. My favourite colour for the Tabitha scarf is raspberry, because it's such a lovely rich colour that really brings out the quality of the material.

3. Zoe - £18

Image copyright: Powder
This came very close to being my overall favourite, but the Colour Riot Print just cinched it. I love the pattern of the Zoe - the zigzag print and varying thickness of the bands give it a fun and almost childlike feel. The colour options are also gorgeous, though I prefer it in the purple mix. It's fun, feminine and playful - perfect for a day in the sun!

Are you a fan of Powder's scarves? Tell me your favourites in the comments below!

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