Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring and Me

I love the seasons. The inevitability of the leaves dropping in autumn, the sharp, biting wind of winter, the long and lazy days of summer.

But spring has always been my favourite.

I love seeing the first signs of life slipping out of winter’s grasping clutches. The delicate clusters of snowdrops, and later daffodils carpeting the woodland floor in bright swathes. The days get longer and warmer as we creep steadily towards summer, interspersed with sharp April showers that fill the air with the clean, rich scent of damp earth.

Animals come out of hibernation. Birds begin to gather nesting materials and squirrels chase each other frantically through the trees above your head.

It’s not just about nature though. Spring gives me a much needed reminder of the joys of being alive. Cliché I know, but it’s something I often forget through the rest of the year when things go wrong, which happens quite a lot to me.

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